May 22, 2005

crazy old coot

is it just me, or are my entries just not as philosophically inclined as the rest? i guess if i delve too deep i'd just get depressed. or maybe i've delved enough for the time being, 'cause what's delving for if you're just gonna complain about life and not do anything aboot it? i'm doing something, damnit! however reluctant i might be in doing it...

nothing worth doing is easy... or so the saying goes... or is it nothing easy is worth doing? i dunno... but there's a gist im tryuing to get at... nothing worth doing is going to piece of cake!

you're gonna hafta get down and dirty and have sex in the mud like the peeps in i (heart) huckabees. except, please, don't film it... 'cause that scene makes me feel queasy and wish i could gag...

that seems to be happening more frequently: my wanting the capability of gagging so that i can show the repugnance of some events in a fashion that others can easily correlate the meaning of. 'cause who gags at good things?

please refer to the last entry, it's an oldy but a goody. hahaha... i'm laughing b/c it's not really that old... i just wrote it.. like... 20 minutes ago. so do you see why the 'oldy' phrase is funny?

yea, i thought so, but it's the lame stuff that's got me laughing nowadays... XD

no wait, i'm editing this entry. i just looked at the last entry to see the real time difference and it's like 2, close enough when you're fighting insomnia. hooray!

madfuzzyme at 3:40 a.m.

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